Amanda E



My family traveled as a child for my father’s career in the Air Force. I was born in Athens Greece and lived in Maryland, California, New Jersey, and settled for a small college town in Pennsylvania. I attended Slippery Rock University and got my Bachelor’s in Elementary Education. I met my husband Brian and we got married in 2003 and off he was to serve in the Army. After his return I pursued my Master’s Degree in Reading with a focus in Literacy Coaching and Reading Specialist. Our daughter was born in 2006 and then we moved the following year to Arizona so I could pursue my career as a teacher.

I started my career as a 6th grade Reading teacher at a middle school in the Queen Creek area. From there I taught 5th grade for two years at an elementary school in the district. I transferred to a small charter school in Gilbert to teach 4th grade. I have been at that school, that isn’t so small now, for ten years and in addition to 4th grade I have taught kindergarten, middle school English, as well as served as the reading specialist, literacy coach, and administrator. I currently serve as the school’s Curriculum and Instruction Specialist, where I provide reading intervention groups, assessments, instructional coaching and much more.

I have strong relationships with students due in part to my passion for educating the whole child. I share personal experiences of my education from elementary through college in hopes of motivating students to never give up. I like to provide learning style surveys to better understand what type of teaching and learning activities work best for each child. It helps drive books I choose for my lessons in order to get the child excited to learn. I am a big believer in brain breaks, incorporating movements, songs, and thinking outside the box for strategies to best support children with their learning.

In high school and college I played field hockey and have in turn learned to love ice hockey. I played ice hockey once I arrived in Arizona for many years and still to this day have my skates and stick. I am a supporter of healthy eating and using essential oils for everyday ailments. I am currently part of a local gym and do yoga once a week to start my week on a positive note. In my spare time, you will find me reading and playing card games with my husband Brian and daughter Alaina. We have a rambunctious cat and two chickens that keep us busy.

For Peak Academics I provide Comprehensive Educational Evaluations and tutoring support in reading, writing, math and executive functions. I am a very versatile educator so am open to supporting all students to empower them to become independent, confident and successful lifelong learners.


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Beth M



I received my master’s degree in elementary education from National Louis University. I then started my career in education and taught grades five through eight in reading, writing, and social studies in the Chicago area. Although my husband and I loved Chicago, the warm temperatures and being close to family brought us to Arizona. I taught in a K-8 school in Phoenix for five years and then transitioned into the role of Instructional Coach at the same school. In addition, I have had the opportunity to teach an online class for Arizona State University for three years.

Most of my experience in the classroom has been working with middle school students in the areas of reading and writing. I have also tutored small groups of students in math. In my role as an instructional coach, I have had the opportunity to work with teachers from all grade levels and develop a well-rounded understanding of K-8 curriculum and interventions in reading for struggling students. I love helping students and teachers become lifelong learners!

To me, connecting with students is one of the most important aspects of teaching. That connection builds mutual respect and strong communication, and it will help the student strive to succeed. I connect with students by getting to know them, learning their interests, and incorporating what I have learned about them into instruction and lessons. I love to discuss books with my students and to find out what they think on a deeper level about what they have read. This leads to critical thinking skills that students need in all areas of life.

Outside of work, I love to be outdoors, whether it be going on walks with my daughter or enjoying dinner outside on a patio. Coming from the Midwest, I try to take advantage of the weather we have here whenever possible! I also enjoy reading and discovering new places to go with my family.

I offer tutoring services to elementary students in all subjects and middle school students in English Language Arts and executive functioning skills.


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