We work with all types of learners, grades K through 12. If you have a question about a specific service, please contact us.



We provide two main services for academic support: Academic Tutoring and Educational Evaluations. Whether it be for remedial support, homework help or enrichment, we have instructors to meet the tutoring needs of your child in all academic areas, elementary through AP. We also offer specialized reading tutoring through Orton-Gillingham and the Wilson Reading Program.

For students who demonstrate skill gaps in core academic areas, an Educational Evaluation is recommended. An evaluator works one-on-one with your child to assess their reading, writing and/or math levels. The result is comprehensive testing data and practical recommendations to maximize student success. The evaluator creates measurable goals for the academic areas tested, and your child is matched with an instructor for weekly remediation. Quarterly progress monitoring is encouraged.


executive FUNCTIONs support

We provide two services to help students build cognitive executive functioning skills. The first is Integrative Academic & Executive Skills Tutoring. This is ideal for students who need both academic and executive skills support and do well with repetition and scaffolding. Instructors help students create an organizational system to complete homework on time, manage and prioritize daily/monthly homework, plan ahead for long-term projects and prepare for required exams. Instructors can also incorporate self-regulation strategies if desired.

The other service, Executive Skills Coaching, is designed for students grades 7 - 12 who have the strong desire to improve their executive functions and gain independence. Coaches follows a formal, goal-based intervention plan and provide quarterly progress monitoring. They use a combination of in-person sessions and video check-ins to teach the specific skills identified in the student’s intervention plan. They hold the student accountable and build strong habits for schoolwork, daily routines and other life activities.


yoga & mindfulness

We provide Integrative Academic & Mindfulness Tutoring for students who can benefit from learning self-regulation and stress management techniques in addition to receiving academic support. Tools include breathing activities, origami, mindful listening and more. Instructors help students create a toolbox of strategies to use during homework time and other stressful events.

For students who wish to take their practice deeper, we also offer private and small group Mindfulness and Movement classes taught by certified yoga instructors. These group offerings include a combination of age-appropriate yoga and mindfulness crafts. Students learn breathing, postures and meditation techniques and create a mindfulness toolkit to use at home.