Name: Bronwyn McGary 

School: Xavier College Preparatory

Grade: Rising College Freshman

What do you like to do in your spare time? 
In my spare time I love to barrel race, dance, fly fish and work with handicapped children through equine therapy. 

What do you enjoy about learning? 
I enjoy learning new concepts in school and applying them to real-world situations. 

You've demonstrated so much growth, personally and academically, over the years. Which accomplishments are you most proud of and why? 
I am most proud of graduating from Xavier College Prep with honors and getting into my dream college: Denison University. 

Now that you are entering college, what are you most excited to learn about? In which ways do you feel prepared for college? 
I am most excited to be attending a liberal arts college, where I will be learning about all different topics and subjects. I hope to major in physical therapy, with a minor in dance. I am excited to take all the required courses to achieve this goal. I feel very prepared for college because of my time management skills and my good study habits.

You have worked with several tutors at Peak Academics. Can you share how those tutors helped you to achieve your success? 
Peak Academics helped me achieve academic success through their knowledgeable advice, and their preparation for the rigorous testing and academics I will face in the fall when attending Denison. I have had various tutors through my four years at Xavier College Prep, and they were all wonderful and extremely helpful. They care about the students they assist. They were flexible with their hours and explained the topics we were working on in great detail and with great clarity. This gave me the confidence needed to achieve ‘A’s’ in my classes and do well on tests.