Time to get back into that school routine! I am sure everyone reading this kept up a great routine over the summer, so your child’s back to school transition has been smooth. But, just in case you didn’t, here’s an example of an after school schedule to help your child manage their time. I hear a lot of parents complain that their child is either overscheduled or bored all the time. This is a great opportunity to help them balance their time. You can adjust this schedule to accommodate your specific afternoon activities (sports, music lessons, etc.).

Another idea to help you and your child stay focused is to help them set some goals for the year. I would encourage you to avoid goals such as “Get straight A’s” and refocus their attention to creating good study habits and staying organized. Hopefully these types of goals will help your child improve their grades and provide them lifelong skills.


Goals for the year:

1. Be organized. Complete work on-time. Work ahead. Use organizing folders. Clean room.

 Result: Improved grades, less stress.

2. Communicate with parents/teachers/tutors. Share information between school and home. Do not wait until the last minute.

 Result: Less arguing, happy home, less stress.


Below are some more ideas to help your child have a very successful school year!


Everyday To-Do’s:

1. Have a snack.

2. Read 30 minutes outside of school.

3. Play with friends/siblings.

4. Talk about your day (highs and lows).

5. Complete homework.

6. Exercise 30 minutes (walk, gym, playing outside, swim, etc.).

7. Help with dinner, keep room clean, and help around the house.


No Homework? What can you do?

1. Review lessons/chapters in science, social studies, or foreign language.

2. Read ahead (read more than 30 minutes).

3. Explore math websites, or play math games.


**There is always something you can do to exercise your mind!**