Alysia S



I grew up in Las Vegas in a family of five. I have always loved learning and taking on new challenges. Whether in sports or school, I was always ready for more. Early on in high school, I realized teaching was my calling. In 2011, I graduated college from the University of Arizona where I earned my Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education and my Arizona 1-8 Elementary Education Certification.

Right after college, I moved to Phoenix where I began my teaching career as a primary grade school teacher. I currently teach first grade but have also taught third grade in the past. I am passionate about supporting young learners as we work together to build a solid foundation in math and literacy skills and ignite and build the passion for learning. After years of challenging myself to better my pedagogy through professional development, consistent reflection and invaluable experiences, I received my National Board Certification in the area of Early Childhood Generalist in 2018.

I have found my niche in social emotional teaching and learning. I love being able to connect with my students through meaningful relationships, using the child’s interests and strengths as our basic building blocks. I strive to instill the passion for learning and working through challenges using intrinsic motivation, self-confidence and a growth mindset. I strongly believe that a child’s social and emotional well-being is the key to a child’s academic success!

Ever since I was little, I have always loved being active and outdoors. I enjoy spending time with family, camping, hiking, fishing and working out. I have coached cheerleading to middle school aged girls and have loved every part of it. I keep an active lifestyle by exploring Arizona and traveling as much as I can!

I am happy to offer remedial and enrichment academic tutoring, as well as executive functioning support to elementary students.


Alysia started tutoring our daughter when she was 4 years old in preparation for kindergarten and continued tutoring her until we moved out-of-state. Alysia is wonderful! She is patient, kind, and focused. She helped our daughter achieve the goals we set and exceeded our expectations. We were so impressed with her ability to explain subjects and concepts that were challenging for our daughter. Alysia has the rare ability to encourage the love of learning while relating to the age of any child.

Amanda E



My family traveled as a child for my father’s career in the Air Force. I was born in Athens Greece and lived in Maryland, California, New Jersey, and settled for a small college town in Pennsylvania. I attended Slippery Rock University and got my Bachelor’s in Elementary Education. I met my husband Brian and we got married in 2003 and off he was to serve in the Army. After his return I pursued my Master’s Degree in Reading with a focus in Literacy Coaching and Reading Specialist. Our daughter was born in 2006 and then we moved the following year to Arizona so I could pursue my career as a teacher.

I started my career as a 6th grade Reading teacher at a middle school in the Queen Creek area. From there I taught 5th grade for two years at an elementary school in the district. I transferred to a small charter school in Gilbert to teach 4th grade. I have been at that school, that isn’t so small now, for ten years and in addition to 4th grade I have taught kindergarten, middle school English, as well as served as the reading specialist, literacy coach, and administrator. I currently serve as the school’s Curriculum and Instruction Specialist, where I provide reading intervention groups, assessments, instructional coaching and much more.

I have strong relationships with students due in part to my passion for educating the whole child. I share personal experiences of my education from elementary through college in hopes of motivating students to never give up. I like to provide learning style surveys to better understand what type of teaching and learning activities work best for each child. It helps drive books I choose for my lessons in order to get the child excited to learn. I am a big believer in brain breaks, incorporating movements, songs, and thinking outside the box for strategies to best support children with their learning.

In high school and college I played field hockey and have in turn learned to love ice hockey. I played ice hockey once I arrived in Arizona for many years and still to this day have my skates and stick. I am a supporter of healthy eating and using essential oils for everyday ailments. I am currently part of a local gym and do yoga once a week to start my week on a positive note. In my spare time, you will find me reading and playing card games with my husband Brian and daughter Alaina. We have a rambunctious cat and two chickens that keep us busy.

For Peak Academics I provide Comprehensive Educational Evaluations and tutoring support in reading, writing, math and executive functions. I am a very versatile educator so am open to supporting all students to empower them to become independent, confident and successful lifelong learners.


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Andrea L



I am originally trained as a scientist but have always loved teaching in various ways, from writing research papers to teaching Colloquial classes in college. Although I did not realize it at the time, I was growing as a natural teacher. I earned my degree in 1994 and have continuously found myself in positions of teacher, instructor, educator, coach, and tutor since then. After discovering the healing power of natural medicine, my focus has shifted toward anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, epigenetics, diabetes, and cancer. I feel very strongly about sharing what I have discovered so others can benefit. I have even written a book on why it is important to do annual cleanses and have developed an online program to support the healing experience.

The concentration of my teaching/tutoring/coaching experience over the years has been with adults wanting to change their lifestyle to improve health, heal cancer and diabetes, and take their health and fitness to the next level. I have had an amazing time developing education programs for doctors and wellness centers, sharing my knowledge with individuals, and witnessing how it helps people reach their goals!

More recently, I have also been tutoring K-12 students. I have tutored for children of friends and family and formally both online and in person. I have found that kids are so capable, especially once I find ways to peak their interest and draw them into the learning process. This is a challenge I find myself taking on with joy! I have a knack for breaking complex things down into very understandable parts, laymen’s terms. 

I am a firm believer in UPN, unconditional positive regard, as a first approach with all children. First, they are human ‘beings’, then human ‘doings’. I also call on the little “kid” within myself and have fun during the tutoring process. I think about work from the child’s perspective and make decisions with them as long as the process is moving forward. If they get stuck, I make suggestions, but my goal is to build their confidence in solving problems. I treat them a little older than they are and drop myself down to a younger mindset. That has really been the only strategy I have ever had to use. It works every time, as long as I can discover what gets their attention.

Typically, I plan a well-structured day that leaves me feeling relaxed and accomplished by the evening. I enjoy daily workouts of qigong, cycling, or trail running, and meditations including chanting, drumming, and silence. I enjoy creating useful education presentations based on questions that come up from friends, family, and coaching clients. This gives me the opportunity to create in the various ways I enjoy creating. Other ways I love creating are with needle and thread beading, book writing, and aromatherapy. I believe in and enjoy a well-varied day to stimulate my mind and stay nibble both in body and mind.

I offer a variety of tutoring services for Peak Academics. I am excited to share my enthusiasm for science, as well as all elementary academics, upper level science, executive functioning skills, and remedial academic support.


My 9-year-old son had a very hard year and fell out of love with school. We needed someone to give him skills to organize his work so he wasn’t overwhelmed with the volume and to make learning fun again. Andrea to the rescue! Andrea is kind, supportive, imaginative and focused. She finds creative ways to support him as he masters organizational skills for middle school and also keeps him completely engaged for his entire tutoring sessions. He has acquired countless skills, but above all has gained confidence that he can tackle any work set before him as long as he comes up with a plan and takes it one step at a time. Homework time was a multi-hour battle at our house with our son needing all the attention in a three-child home, but after only one semester of tutoring, the skills Andrea has taught my son make homework time in our family a peaceful and efficient process.

Jane J



I grew up in a small town in Upstate New York and moved to Arizona in 1997. I graduated from SUNY Cortland with a B.S. in Physical Education. I discovered yoga in 2009 and fell in love with the practice. In 2010, I completed my certification to teach yoga to kids ages 2-13. In 2016, I completed the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe and became certified to teach yoga to adults.

I have been teaching Physical Education to K-12 students at a private school for kids with learning differences since 2004. I have worked with students with ADD, ADHD, and Autism Spectrum Disorder. I have taught yoga to these students since 2010, and mindfulness since 2016.

I am a firm believer in teaching the whole child, and have a passion for teaching students to be healthy in body and mind. I enjoy connecting with students through student-centered, casual conversations that allow them to share their experiences and interests.

When I am not teaching, I enjoy taking yoga classes and spending time outdoors, hiking, biking and walking. An interesting fact about me is that I adopted my daughter from China when she was four years old. She is 20 now and attends college in Tucson.

I am thrilled to offer services in mindfulness, meditation, body movement, and yoga to students of all ages.


My 9 yr. old son has had the privilege of working with Jane for the past three years through yoga and mindfulness classes. She is an incredibly kind, patient and grounded practitioner. She creates a safe space for exploration of both yoga and mindfulness practices and is receptive to children's ideas and input. My son has achieved great emotional and physical self-regulation through his work with Jane. In his words, "Ms. Jane makes yoga fun! She's always calm and kind."