Comprehensive Educational Evaluation

An assessment specialist will work one-on-one with your child to assess their reading, writing or math levels. The result will be comprehensive testing data and practical recommendations to maximize student success in the classroom and beyond. 

Advantages of a CEE at Peak Academics

  • We use an interdisciplinary, whole-child approach that examines all aspects of a child’s development.
  • We provide an individualized plan of study with objective-based academic goals aligned to the new Common Core grade level standards.
  • We have a team of highly qualified educational specialists to assess, analyze, and carry out your child’s individualized plan of study.
  • We can isolate specific skills for students with learning or behavioral disabilities to work on in order to maximize overall academic progress.
  • We will work with other providers responsible for your child’s academic and psychological needs in order to maximize growth in all areas.
  • We offer progress monitoring every three months to evaluate change.

Comprehensive Testing

We offer comprehensive testing in reading, writing, and math. Our assessment specialists will analyze your child’s test results to determine specific, skill-based gaps in your child’s learning and create a plan of study targeted directly at these areas. Our team will work directly with your child’s teacher and other professionals in order to maximize progress in all academic and psychological areas.


  • Fluency and Comprehension
  • Reading Skills (broken down into measurable, objective-based concepts aligned with the new Common Core state standards)


  • Analysis of a Writing Sample (focused on objective-based concepts)


  • Fluency, Calculation, and Reasoning
  • Math Skills (broken down into measurable, objective-based concepts aligned with the new Common Core state standards)

Useful Results

Each evaluation ends with a comprehensive exit meeting with parents, evaluators, and school educators (if available) to ensure that the results and recommendations are well understood. A detailed written report is also provided, including quantitative and qualitative analysis that addresses academic strengths and areas of focus. The report also includes measurable academic and behavioral goals and recommended accommodations to be used in a classroom setting and throughout tutoring sessions.