Suryea L



I am originally from New York and moved to Arizona in 1999 when I was stationed here as an active duty Air Force member. In addition to working in the medical field as a military member, I have held positions in the hospitality and fitness fields. While my time spent in those career fields was interesting, it was not until I started teaching 11 years ago, that I felt I had found the perfect career for myself. After a few years as a successful, Arizona State Certified classroom teacher, I decided to pursue a Master’s in Education degree with an emphasis in reading.

I have taught a variety of grades, kindergarten through fourth. Most of my classroom teaching experience has been in third grade, and currently I teach fourth. A few years ago, I stepped out of the classroom and spent a year as a Curriculum Coach for a small charter school serving K-12 students. This experience was enriching, as it allowed me have a hand in serving students in every grade, while assisting teachers in using best practices and identifying areas in need of improvement. I enjoyed my role as a coach but missed the connection I had with my students as a classroom teacher.  Therefore, I decided to return to the classroom. I have had the pleasure of teaching students with a wide variety of needs, not limited to just curriculum-based. This includes students with IEPs for social/emotional accommodations and English Language Learners. Every year that I have taught, I have also provided after school tutoring. Having a hand in helping students have that “light bulb moment” in an area that they struggle with is inspiring and heartwarming.

It is important for trust to exist between students and educators. Students need to be able to feel vulnerable and safe in order for gaps to be identified and remediated. I strive to build a connection with my students quickly yet organically. My approach to building a connection is through active listening, humor and using student interests as a part of whatever we are working on. Whenever possible, I incorporate the learning style of a student in my lessons and strive to do so in a fun, engaging way.

When I am not teaching, I enjoy an active lifestyle. Arizona is full of beautiful places to hike and when the weather permits, you will find me on the trails! I also love traveling. I believe traveling is life’s greatest teacher. I enjoy meeting others from different places and experiencing culture different than my own. 

I offer tutoring support for K-5 students in language arts and math. Through the years I have used a wide variety of math curriculums, including Singapore, Saxon, and Go Math.  I also provide general homework and executive skills support.


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