Paige W

Paige W


I was raised in a community that valued education, but it was not until I moved from New York to New Orleans, at age 18, that I realized just how fortunate I had been.  I volunteered in several schools, one of which was put into lockdown because someone called and threatened to shoot a student and anyone in his way.  That same afternoon, a 4th grader was shot while getting off the school bus.  'How,' I wondered, 'can children learn and thrive when their most basic needs are going unmet?!'  From that point on, I was committed to serving the community by empowering youth with education.  In 2012, I graduated from Tulane University with a B.A. in International Development, Spanish, & Psychology.  Two years later, I graduated from Arizona State University with a Master of Education and teaching certification in the areas of K-12 Cross-Categorical Special Education and 1-8 Elementary Education.

Since 2014, I have been teaching K-8 special education in the valley, primarily as a learning resource provider.  I joined Peak in early 2016 and have enjoyed working with many wonderful families and talented students!   

Trust and buy-in are key elements to the efficacy of tutoring.  For that reason, I always tap into a student’s interests, headspace, and learning styles.  Doing so communicates empathy, which builds trust, and set students up for success, which builds buy-in and motivation.  

Like many an Arizonan, I love to be outdoors!  Hiking, practicing yoga, taking photographs, and exercising with the dog are right in my wheelhouse!  A little-known fact about me is that I once worked for the prime minister of Spain, serving as the private instructor of his two children!

I am happy to offer services in organizational coaching, time management support, student advocacy, study strategies, remedial academic support, ADD/ADHD coaching, executive functioning support, Spanish, and all elementary academics.


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