Lisa H


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Teaching seems to be in my blood! My grandmother, an aunt and several uncles preceded me. Now my brother and I teach and his daughter and my daughter-in-law are following along. So I guess you can say teaching is a family affair.

I started teaching in 1984, working with emotionally disabled students. I have taught regular and special education students from 4th grade through high school. l received my MEd in Secondary Education Mathematics from NAU and taught high school math at all levels for the last 12 years of my teaching career. I am semi-retired now and really enjoy helping kids succeed in math and other areas.

I think motivation and organization go a long way in helping students be successful. I work with them to improve confidence and perseverance, as well to improve math skills and knowledge. I draw on prior knowledge to help students learn new concepts. It really helps, more than just memorization.

When I am not teaching, I spend time with my rescue dogs and toddler grandson. I love being outdoors and enjoying Arizona. Indoors, I love playing games and watching football.

For Peak Academics, I work with students at all levels of math, but primarily middle and high school. I can also support students in other areas, especially organization and study habits. I work to help students feel confident and prepared.


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