Jennifer G



I grew up in a small town outside of Rochester NY. My third grade teacher was the one who inspired me to become a teacher. She saw a lot of potential in my writing and always encouraged me. I still have a book she gave me as a gift with a personalized message on the cover. It was in high school that I discovered my passion for math and decided to purse a degree in secondary mathematics education. I earned my B.A. in Mathematics Education from SUNY Geneseo in upstate NY. I also hold a Masters degree in Deaf Education from Rochester Institute of Technology.  

I began my teaching career as an itinerant teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing, working one-on-one with individual students.  I moved to Arizona in January of 2010 and began teaching all levels of high school math at a charter school.  I also held the title of Testing Coordinator, which included proctoring and administering all statewide achievement tests in all content areas, as well as overseeing the teacher accountability tests given in each class.  I started working at a large public school in the fall of 2017, teaching Algebra and an online integrated math class.  I have really enjoyed all of the extra activities that are offered for the students in a large public school setting. I find having extra curricular activities they enjoy helps to motivate students in their academics. 

I believe developing strong relationships with each student is key to the learning process. Getting to know students well and finding out what motivates them helps me to keep them on task and engaged in each lesson.  I like to learn as much background about students as possible before I begin to work with them, so that I can develop an individualized approach for all students.

I started a healthier lifestyle in 2016 and lost 73 pounds in six months.  I now work part time at my gym helping others to reach their fitness goals as well. I also started competing in obstinate course races with a group of friends I met at the gym. We have completed two 5k courses and one 10k course so far. I love being able to spend time outdoors and enjoy the Arizona weather in any way I can.

I currently offer mathematics tutoring for middle school and high school students, basic math through Algebra II.


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