Danchi N



As a first-generation child whose parents were refugees from Vietnam, I learned the value and opportunity of a strong education at an early age.  I believe all students can learn, and our role as teachers and tutors is to unlock the confidence and potential in each child.  I have received a B.S. in Neuroscience and a B.A. in Social Psychology from the University of Rochester, an M.Ed in Secondary Montessori Education through Xavier University, an M.Ed. in Secondary Science Education through ASU and am currently pursuing an M.Ed. in Educational Leadership at ASU.

I started out teaching math, science, and reading at the middle school level for three years.  The rest of my career has been focused in high school, teaching honors classes for biology, chemistry, and all levels of math, with a focus on Montessori pedagogy. 

I helped to pioneer the first Montessori High School program in Arizona, so the whole child approach is the central tenant of Montessori education.  Fostering strong relationships and building confidence helps to unlock the potential of the child.

I love to travel, and cooking foods from different cultures is a way for me to travel to a different place during times when I cannot leave the home.  

I offer tutoring services for biology, chemistry, mathematics, and test preparation.


Danchi literally saved my son’s academic career.  She is brilliant, creative, and very flexible.