Andrew T



I was born and raised in a small, quiet town in Indiana. After I graduated with my engineering degree, I sought adventure exploring the country. I worked first in Colorado, then New Jersey.  At my second job, I realized that to obtain the type of research-oriented position I desired, I would need an advanced degree. This led me to Arizona State University, where I am now finishing the mechanical engineering PhD program, with a focus on space and robotics.

The bulk of my teaching experience comes from lab courses at ASU. I have also enjoyed working with eighth grade students, building practical science and engineering projects through an outreach program. I have tutoring experience in math and science at both the secondary and collegiate level, as well as in GRE and SAT test preparation.

I was a student who was highly productive in K-12 school but also prone to boredom. I have a lot of empathy for students who are inattentive but still fully capable of achieving success. I connect with students by asking about their ambitions, discussing their plans for the future, and learning about what currently interests them. I try to gain insight into their lives, understand their perspective and what motivates them, and work towards their goals.

The Arizona desert and mountains make up the most beautiful landscape I have ever seen. I try to hike in Phoenix as much as possible and camp in Flagstaff and Sedona. I am also an avid reader of old science books, which I purchase from the Phoenix Used Book Sale every year. It is fascinating to observe the scientific thoughts from past time periods.

I am excited to offer tutoring services for Peak Academics in secondary mathematics and science and formal test preparation. 


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