Adam S



I am from Phoenix, Arizona but had always dreamed of living and traveling elsewhere. This passion to learn about interesting and unique locales helped nurture my love of reading as a child. Because of this love and strong English teachers that helped me foster this love, I found myself wanting to help others find the desire to learn everything and anything that interests them. I graduated from Arizona State University in 2007 with a degree in English and then pursued my Masters in Education, which I earned in 2011.

For the last 7 years, I have taught nearly everything under the sun in an effort to continue helping students find amazing connections to learning. Despite my degree in English, my first teaching job was in math, teaching 8th grade Algebra 2. From there, I have taught high school English, AP Environmental Science, Geometry and Aerospace Engineering. I am driven to help students find the wonder in the world through their education as I have.  

In order to connect with students during the tutoring process, I seek to learn about what interests them and listen to their concerns. By better tapping into their interests, I am able to bring new insights into the content and help the students find different pathways to the curriculum’s ultimate goal. This in effect helps the student see the connections between seemingly opposite and mundane work with real world application.

When not teaching, I enjoy the quieter simpler moments by playing with my two amazing daughters and wife. From playing basketball on weekends, family hikes, bike rides or simply tending to the small “farm” we are trying to cultivate in our backyard, we have quite the eclectic lifestyle. One random fact that people would not know by looking at me is that I once owned a goat and my wife and I currently have 9 chickens.       

I am pleased to work with your student in a wealth of areas to see them succeed, including but not limited to organizational strategies, mathematics, language arts, study skills and test prep. I am excited to assist and help your student be successful and reach their potential.


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