Adam S



I am from Phoenix, Arizona but had always dreamed of living and traveling elsewhere. This passion to learn about interesting and unique locales helped nurture my love of reading as a child. Because of this love and strong English teachers that helped me foster this love, I found myself wanting to help others find the desire to learn everything and anything that interests them. I graduated from Arizona State University in 2007 with a degree in English and then pursued my Masters in Education, which I earned in 2011.

For the last 7 years, I have taught nearly everything under the sun in an effort to continue helping students find amazing connections to learning. Despite my degree in English, my first teaching job was in math, teaching 8th grade Algebra 2. From there, I have taught high school English, AP Environmental Science, Geometry and Aerospace Engineering. I am driven to help students find the wonder in the world through their education as I have.  

In order to connect with students during the tutoring process, I seek to learn about what interests them and listen to their concerns. By better tapping into their interests, I am able to bring new insights into the content and help the students find different pathways to the curriculum’s ultimate goal. This in effect helps the student see the connections between seemingly opposite and mundane work with real world application.

When not teaching, I enjoy the quieter simpler moments by playing with my two amazing daughters and wife. From playing basketball on weekends, family hikes, bike rides or simply tending to the small “farm” we are trying to cultivate in our backyard, we have quite the eclectic lifestyle. One random fact that people would not know by looking at me is that I once owned a goat and my wife and I currently have 9 chickens.       

I am pleased to work with your student in a wealth of areas to see them succeed, including but not limited to organizational strategies, mathematics, language arts, study skills and test prep. I am excited to assist and help your student be successful and reach their potential.


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Andrew T



I was born and raised in a small, quiet town in Indiana. After I graduated with my engineering degree, I sought adventure exploring the country. I worked first in Colorado, then New Jersey.  At my second job, I realized that to obtain the type of research-oriented position I desired, I would need an advanced degree. This led me to Arizona State University, where I am now finishing the mechanical engineering PhD program, with a focus on space and robotics.

The bulk of my teaching experience comes from lab courses at ASU. I have also enjoyed working with eighth grade students, building practical science and engineering projects through an outreach program. I have tutoring experience in math and science at both the secondary and collegiate level, as well as in GRE and SAT test preparation.

I was a student who was highly productive in K-12 school but also prone to boredom. I have a lot of empathy for students who are inattentive but still fully capable of achieving success. I connect with students by asking about their ambitions, discussing their plans for the future, and learning about what currently interests them. I try to gain insight into their lives, understand their perspective and what motivates them, and work towards their goals.

The Arizona desert and mountains make up the most beautiful landscape I have ever seen. I try to hike in Phoenix as much as possible and camp in Flagstaff and Sedona. I am also an avid reader of old science books, which I purchase from the Phoenix Used Book Sale every year. It is fascinating to observe the scientific thoughts from past time periods.

I am excited to offer tutoring services for Peak Academics in secondary mathematics and science and formal test preparation. 


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Anna-Lisa K



I am a homegrown Phoenix native and have watched it grow from a small city to a metropolis. I am an athlete and a ‘mathlete’. I attended ASU for my BAE in elementary education with an emphasis in computer education and math. I received my MAE from NAU in Educational Leadership, and last, I went back to ASU for a MAE in Computer-Based Education. Most recently, I have attended institutes at Cal-Berkeley’s College of Mathematics.

I have taught and/or coached for 27 years all around the Valley--everything from computer programming, keyboarding, computer applications, reading and math to swimming, softball, and volleyball--and all at the junior high level. I never turn down an opportunity to help someone increase their learning whether it be reading, writing, math, or playing a sport. I have been informally tutoring students all my life, but have been professionally tutoring middle school math for the past three years.

I like to build on a student’s own knowledge about math and show them how having a growth mindset can greatly improve their understanding and performance in math. I acknowledge student’s frustration and anxiety about math and want to take what they know about it to create their own understanding, whether it is by using manipulatives, movement, videos, games, or presentations. The biggest takeaway I want students to gain is working towards understanding why math works--not just that it works.

Besides expanding my knowledge of math in my spare time, I am physically active--playing volleyball, SCUBA diving, skiing, and working out in my spare time. I like to hike and ride around the state with my husband, Jeff, and faithful furry companion, Rusty. I spend a lot of time in northern Arizona and volunteer with Munds Park CERT program. I also work around the softball diamonds for the City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department. Some places I’ve travelled to are Ireland, Estonia, Canada, and Mexico.

I love to help with math, but I can also tutor in middle school writing, general homework support, study strategies, self-advocacy, and organizational support.


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Ariane B



I I grew up in Central Phoenix and never strayed far. I knew I wanted to work with kids after many side jobs babysitting and nannying throughout high school and college. After completing all my prerequisites at Phoenix College, I transferred to Arizona State University the West Campus and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and teaching certification in the areas of K-12 Cross-Categorical Special Education and 1-8 Elementary Education. Recently, I acquired a middle school certificate for English Language Arts and History. 

I started my teaching career as a high school service coordinator for students with IEPs. I helped students in English and Biology class. I then taught many years in 2nd grade, transitioned to 4th grade and finally taught 6th grade Science, World History and English Language Arts. My eleven years of experience at varied grade levels with small and large groups helped me acquire specific tools to address multi-ages and contents. 

I build relationships with students in hope we can work together to reach goals. I aim to get to know my students’ motivators and set goals with them. I like to bring real life applications into learning and make sure students have fun! 

Like many Arizona natives, I like to get outside when the weather is right! Hiking, running and spending time in the pool is where you can find me! I am married to a Texan named Guy and together we have a daughter named Ava. I also like to travel and would love to go to Europe sometime soon. 

I am pleased to offer services in organizational coaching, time management support, student advocacy, study strategies, remedial academic support, all elementary academic areas, and middle school reading and writing.


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David O



I grew up in the Bay Area in California. I moved onto college at Loyola University Chicago, where I completed my B.A. in History in 2011. I moved back to the Bay Area where my career in education began. I worked as a substitute teacher in Palo Alto while working my way through a credential/master’s program at the University of San Francisco, which I graduated from in 2014.

I taught high school social studies in Santa Clara, CA for three years before moving out to Phoenix, where I have been teaching high school since 2016.

I think it is extremely important to let students know that I am here to support and challenge them. I find connecting content to the students’ interest outside the academic world is an effective way to build a solid relationship with them. It allows students to be more engaged with their learning.

I am a massive basketball fan (Go Warriors). In addition, I am very into my barre3 workouts. I love taking road trips and exploring new places and cities. 

I offer tutoring services in language arts, social studies, and general homework support.


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Donna S


I am an Arizona native and grew up in the Phoenix area.  I attended Arizona State University, where I received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology.  I then pursued a Master of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University, with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Counseling.  As a former Marriage & Family Therapist and Registered Play Therapist, I have extensive experience working with children with executive functioning issues, ADD/ADHD, anxiety and developmental disorders.

My teaching experience in an academic setting includes a graduate-level course, “Clinical Interventions with Children and Adolescents”, as well as a marriage enrichment course for law students and their spouses.  In a clinical setting, my teaching experience with children includes working at a therapeutic school providing academic and counseling services to children with learning disabilities. This position included teaching an individualized academic program to students and conducting bi-weekly education with parents. I have provided education and training in executive functioning skill development to parents and children in both individual and group settings. 

Connecting with children of all ages has always been easy for me because I am forever fascinated with how they see the world and how they think and feel about what they see. I believe I was attracted to child play therapy because instinctively, play at any level is the way a child expresses who they are without reservation. I was also trained in “systems therapy”, which means I consider not only the whole child, but the family, peer and social system that supports them. 

I am very involved with my family and love the time I spend with them. My interests include volunteer work, walking, writing, singing and a newly attempted activity - Pilates. 

I am very excited to offer Executive Skills Coaching to children and teens who want to push themselves to reach their full potential as a student and as a person.


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Jackie W



I am a wife and mother of two boys living in North Phoenix. I am originally from Michigan. I received a BA in English from Michigan State University in 2007 and an MEd in Educational Administration and Supervision from Arizona State University in 2013. 

After moving to Arizona, I taught seventh grade English for three years and then high school English for another three years. I have been teaching college English since 2014. For the past decade, I have tutored students of all ages--from elementary school to early college--in a variety of subjects including English, standardized test preparation, math, and study skills.

I connect with students by establishing a trusting and open relationship. I also encourage them to work hard and be creative. My job is to help prepare students for college and career and to become contributing members to the global marketplace.

I enjoy cooking and traveling with my husband and two boys. I have a passion for plant-based living and plan to pursue my PhD in the next few years.

I am able to offer tutoring services in English at all levels and specialize in writing in particular. I am also available to tutor in elementary math, French, and general study skills.


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Jamie H



I am one of four girls and am very close with my family. I am from Kansas City but grew up in Scottsdale. I attended Desert Mountain High School and continued my education at Arizona State University. I graduated with a degree in Secondary Education English and then pursued my master’s degree at Grand Canyon University in Science of Counseling, hoping to be a therapist one day.

I began my teaching career in 2013. I have taught middle school language arts, as well as high school English. I also have tutoring experience ranging from third grade to high school.

The way I connect best with students is through my honesty and openness. I talk WITH students instead of AT them, as I feel this is an approach that leads to respect and collaboration. I am here to help students in any way I can to better their success.

When I am not teaching, I am either hanging out with my family, friends or the animals. I am a huge animal lover.  I have 3 dogs and 4 cats and would adopt more animals if I had the space! I also enjoy relaxing and taking Pilates.

The services I offer at Peak Academics focus on English/Language Arts, as well as general homework and executive skills.


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Jeremy M



I have loved sports since I could walk. My dad used to get mad at me for shooting paper towels into trashcans in public restrooms, but I was always looking to play and compete. My love for sports turned into a love for math as I learned to read by pouring over box scores in the paper every morning. My parents used to buy me sports almanacs for birthday gifts, and I would read them for hours, just analyzing statistics and trends. I loved to play sports, but it was the analytics and strategy that appealed to me most.

In college, I earned a Bachelor's in Mathematics from the University of Oregon. After many years of coaching basketball at the middle and high school level, I decided that my calling was to share my love of math with young people. I later received my Master's in Teaching from Willamette University. I went on to teach at a public charter school in Central Oregon, where the focus was meeting the needs of every individual student academically, physically, and emotionally. We did everything within our power to make sure students’ needs were met so they could perform at their peak. This included being available to students for one-on-one tutoring during our prep periods, lunch, and before and after school. After being at this school for five years, my wife and I decided to make the move to Arizona for a change of scenery. I currently work at a private school in the area that focuses on college prep and developing executive function skills for students with learning challenges. 

I have been working with young people through tutoring, coaching, and teaching since I graduated high school. I have met and connected with just about every kind of person through my unique experiences as a teacher and coach. I am a big fan of sports, movies, TV, music, and many other forms of popular culture. My interests, paired with my calm and welcoming demeanor, allow me to quickly connect with students. Teaching a subject like math that many despise, I find it helpful to incorporate students’ interests and make the content meaningful.

My wife and I have been married for almost a decade and we have a young daughter and two dogs. We share a love for many of the things I mentioned above, as well as home renovation. I struggle paying someone to do work that I can do myself, so over the past few years I have become very handy (with a lot of help from YouTube) and have developed a fondness for woodworking. 

At Peak Academics I offer tutoring for all levels of mathematics, formal test preparation, and executive functioning skills.Testimonial:

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Katie M


I was born and raised in a small town in central Kansas. I remember playing “teacher” since the 2nd grade after having one of the most influential and best teachers that year. We moved to Phoenix in 2000 when I was going into 8th grade. Adjusting to the education system in Arizona was fairly smooth. After high school I decided to return back to Kansas for part of my undergraduate degree but ultimately graduated from Northern Arizona University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education.

After graduation, I spent a year teaching preschool abroad in Paraguay. After returning back to Arizona, I taught kindergarten and 1st grade for three years. While I loved the classroom and all of my students, I felt led to pursue a different aspect of teaching. In 2015, I went back to school full-time to get my Master’s degree in Special Education with an emphasis in Visual Impairments from the University of Arizona. Upon graduation in December 2016, I started my current job as a Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments. I also have multiple years of tutoring experience at the elementary and middle school levels.

I believe that it is important to make students feel comfortable before learning can take place. I always make sure to connect with students and get to know them prior to working on academics. My goal is for students to feel like we are ‘in this together’. While offering support, I want the students that I work with to know that I believe in them and that I expect them to try their best. While tutoring, I begin my lessons by asking about their week at school and what they felt good about and what they might need some extra help with. I aim to build students’ confidence so that they can conquer difficult tasks and achieve their academic goals.

My interests are singing, hiking, traveling and spending time with family and friends. I love to be out and doing things. I am not content sitting at home, so I love to be in social settings and with other people. My husband and I love to travel and plan to have many adventures in the future.

I offer support in numerous areas to elementary and middle school students, such as organizational support, homework assistance, basic math, writing, and reading comprehension skills. I also offer support in beginning level Spanish courses. 

Kellie S



I grew up in Iowa and moved to Arizona after graduating from the University of Northern Iowa. After spending years working with young people as a camp counselor, director, and parish youth minister, I went back to school to get certified to teach. I graduated from ASU with my Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction. 

I taught fourth grade for seven years and loved every minute of it, but then decided to take a break from the classroom to stay home with my children. I still wanted to work with students, so I became a tutor. I have been with Peak Academics since 2015 and it is the best of both worlds for me. I get to spend my days as my children’s primary educator and still get to work with students helping them improve their skills and meet their academic goals.

My goal in tutoring is to help young people set goals and reach their full potential, both academically and personally. I am always excited to meet new students and to learn their interests.

In my free time, I enjoy bike rides and knitting beanies. I love traveling to new places, but especially love summer trips to Iowa so my kids can experience summer the way I remember growing up.

I work with students from Kindergarten – 8thgrade in areas of homework support and organization, math, reading, and writing skills. I am also familiar with Saxon Math and Singapore Math. 


”We have really enjoyed working with Kellie.  She is punctual, organized, focused and is able to motivate the children from a math perspective.  Thank you for connecting us with such a wonderful person.”

Kerrilee W



I grew up in Michigan and have since lived in Maryland and Arizona. One of my favorite positions in my early career was teaching art classes to underserved children as a volunteer with Free Arts of Arizona. That experience was the impetus that led me to pursue a career as a teacher. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts with a focus on mixed media and a Master’s degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. My teaching certification is in cross-categorical special education.

I have been teaching special education for over 15 years in private, public, and public charter schools. I have tutored children in kindergarten through middle school.  I have served as a 504 coordinator and English Language Development Specialist. I currently work as an Exceptional Services Specialist for a network of schools.

Helping students appreciate their own strengths and talents while enlarging their conceptions of their capabilities encourages curiosity and a positive approach to lessons. I support children to seek their personal best through the persistent pursuit of improvement. Our goal is independence and a sense of wonder.

I enjoy reading and discussing books about education, sociology, and philosophy when I am not walking or hiking with my best four-legged friend.

As a tutor, I specialize in core academics skills, organization, and task completion with elementary-aged students. I also develop and deliver presentations on executive skills to other Peak team members. I especially enjoy collaborating with parents to benefit their children as we work toward greater independence. My hope is that through consistent support students can generalize their skills to new situations, respond efficiently to challenges, and enjoy their successes. 


”I’ve come to look forward to our sessions with Kerri because I know she has the skill level, both academically and on the personal level, to give my son the help he needs.”

Lisa H

Lisa H

Lisa graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education (K-8) and Special Education, Emotional Disabilities (K-12) from NAU in 1983. She taught in the Paradise Valley Unified School District for over 30 years, in classes ranging from elementary general education to high school mathematics to homebound instruction.

Reesa F



I knew I wanted to become a teacher at a very young age. Some of my earliest childhood memories include buying used textbooks at garage sales, teaching my little brother how to read and enjoying every aspect of school. I am so fortunate to have had incredible educators from kindergarten all the way through graduate school. Each of my teachers solidified my early decision on this incredibly rewarding career. My love of all things school coupled with my interests in history, philosophy and Spanish led to a B.A. from Binghamton University and M.A.T. from Union College.

I have 18 years of experience emulating my role models at private, public and charter schools in New York and Arizona, educating 5th through 12th grade students. My specialty is in differentiated instruction for World History/Geography, US/AZ History, American History/Literature, Psychology and Spanish.

My teaching philosophy consists of making real world connections, and utilizing technology and music whenever possible. These two universal languages act as inspirations to higher learning. I love to incorporate life lessons into every curriculum as well. Problem solving, organization, and the ability to focus and learn from mistakes are as important as the core subjects.

When I am away from the classroom, some of my favorite activities include cooking a new recipe, or training the dog. I enjoy watching my son play lacrosse and listening to my daughter perform live music at local venues. Every summer you will find me on the beach of the Pacific or Atlantic Oceans, reading as many books as possible, and conquering the never ending task of cleaning out closets.

I offer tutoring services to middle and high school students with a special focus on humanities, social studies and Spanish.


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Shannon G



I was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, where I grew up with my parents and two older sisters. I went to college at a small liberal arts school in Winona, Minnesota. While in college I majored in Social Science Education. I worked a variety of jobs while in college, such as at sporting events as an announcer for the hockey team and at the front desk in the weight room. I began my teaching career in Minnesota and eventually moved to the Phoenix area.

I have a number of years of experience teaching social studies, both at the middle school and high school level. My hope is to also begin teaching language arts, as I recently earned a Master of Arts degree in Literacy Education. Prior to full-time teaching, I was a substitute teacher for all ages, pre-k through high school. I also have experience tutoring in a one-on-one setting with students of all ages through the college level.

I connect with students because I am very interested in everything! I love hearing about new books people are reading, television shows they are watching, and music they are listening to. I enjoy hearing about people’s lives and hobbies. I am always looking for ways to bring students interests into my curriculum to help students see that learning can happen anywhere at any time!

I absolutely love working out! My favorite place to work out is at Orange Theory Fitness. My other favorite activity is traveling. I enjoy anything from a good road trip to a flight across the world. If I am not working out or traveling, I am either talking to my mom on the phone or reading a good book from my Book of the Month!

I offer tutoring support for K-12 students in social studies, language arts, and general study skills. 


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Tom W



I was born in raised in Sioux City, IA and attended Catholic grade school and high school before venturing off to Loras College for undergraduate studies. I participated in basketball, cross country, and soccer during my 4 years in high school. As a member of National Honor Society and graduating on the Dean's List, I was able to take full advantage of my educational opportunities. 

After graduating from Loras College in 2002, I remained in Dubuque, IA.  I began my teaching career as a high school social studies teacher.  I was then given the opportunity to teach World History, U.S. History, AP U.S. History, American Studies (Blended English and History Class) among other subjects.  Originally, teaching was an avenue into coaching , but before long, teaching overtook coaching as my main focus. I have been working at a private school in the Phoenix area since 2013. I teach social studies, serve as the male dean, and coach girls' soccer. There I have taught U.S History, Government and Economics.

I feel one of my greatest strengths is that I constantly evaluate my teaching and coaching style and its successes and failures. Having taught for 15 years, I do not claim to know everything and have a strong desire to better myself as a teacher. I search for differentiated lesson plans and assessments online and collaborate with other teachers in order to find varied ways to reach different learning styles. My knowledge of teaching and learning styles has greatly increased throughout my years of teaching. Some of the biggest lessons I have learned have come from my students.

I believe a teacher and coach's role in a student’s life should not be like a boss-employee relationship but rather a guide-tourist relationship. My role as an educator is to help a student find the desire for an education. My actions, words, and lesson plans reflect this thinking by allowing students to grow within their comfort zone, while still challenging them to strive for greater success both in and out of the classroom. I believe technology is a crucial element in the modern classroom but should be in balance with proven teaching styles, so students are prepared for both the modern world and general interactions within society.

Since moving to Arizona in 2012, my wife and I have added two beautiful children to our family. We enjoy visiting the zoo and aquarium, taking short trips up North to camp, and getting our kids involved in various activities.  My mom is a snow bird, so we take full advantage of grandma’s time here as well!

I offer a variety of services for Peak Academics, including support in the humanities, as well as test-taking strategies and organizational help. 


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Zachary Z



I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona and attended Brophy College Preparatory.  I chose to become a teacher because I had an extremely influential high school history teacher, and I aspired to be like him. I earned a B.S. in Secondary Education and History from Northern Arizona University in 2005 and a Master of Arts in Educational Administration from Santa Clara University in 2012.

Most of my professional career I have been a teacher.  This is my tenth year teaching social studies, but I also spent three years as an instructional designer, creating and designing doctoral level curriculum/courses.  I have taught in both public and private schools and thoroughly enjoyed the challenges of both. At the high school level I have experience teaching AP World History, World History, U.S. Government, and Economics.  At the middle school level I have taught U.S. History, World History, Writing, and Literature.

I truly believe in teaching the whole person and that all students can learn and be successful.  Helping students find success is my greatest passion, and I am the type of educator who will do whatever it takes to ensure that students perform to their capability. 

I also enjoy hiking, playing sports, reading, and spending quality time with my friends and family. I love life, people, and experiencing new things. One highlight of my life is when I backpacked Europe for a month after graduating high school.

I offer Peak Academics and you, all of my experience, knowledge, and skills, and am honored to be a tutor. I provide support in history and organization and time management for grades 7 through 12.


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