Ariane B



I I grew up in Central Phoenix and never strayed far. I knew I wanted to work with kids after many side jobs babysitting and nannying throughout high school and college. After completing all my prerequisites at Phoenix College, I transferred to Arizona State University the West Campus and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and teaching certification in the areas of K-12 Cross-Categorical Special Education and 1-8 Elementary Education. Recently, I acquired a middle school certificate for English Language Arts and History. 

I started my teaching career as a high school service coordinator for students with IEPs. I helped students in English and Biology class. I then taught many years in 2nd grade, transitioned to 4th grade and finally taught 6th grade Science, World History and English Language Arts. My eleven years of experience at varied grade levels with small and large groups helped me acquire specific tools to address multi-ages and contents. 

I build relationships with students in hope we can work together to reach goals. I aim to get to know my students’ motivators and set goals with them. I like to bring real life applications into learning and make sure students have fun! 

Like many Arizona natives, I like to get outside when the weather is right! Hiking, running and spending time in the pool is where you can find me! I am married to a Texan named Guy and together we have a daughter named Ava. I also like to travel and would love to go to Europe sometime soon. 

I am pleased to offer services in organizational coaching, time management support, student advocacy, study strategies, remedial academic support, all elementary academic areas, and middle school reading and writing.


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Donna S


I am an Arizona native and grew up in the Phoenix area.  I attended Arizona State University, where I received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology.  I then pursued a Master of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University, with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Counseling.  As a former Marriage & Family Therapist and Registered Play Therapist, I have extensive experience working with children with executive functioning issues, ADD/ADHD, anxiety and developmental disorders.

My teaching experience in an academic setting includes a graduate-level course, “Clinical Interventions with Children and Adolescents”, as well as a marriage enrichment course for law students and their spouses.  In a clinical setting, my teaching experience with children includes working at a therapeutic school providing academic and counseling services to children with learning disabilities. This position included teaching an individualized academic program to students and conducting bi-weekly education with parents. I have provided education and training in executive functioning skill development to parents and children in both individual and group settings. 

Connecting with children of all ages has always been easy for me because I am forever fascinated with how they see the world and how they think and feel about what they see. I believe I was attracted to child play therapy because instinctively, play at any level is the way a child expresses who they are without reservation. I was also trained in “systems therapy”, which means I consider not only the whole child, but the family, peer and social system that supports them. 

I am very involved with my family and love the time I spend with them. My interests include volunteer work, walking, writing, singing and a newly attempted activity - Pilates. 

I am very excited to offer Executive Skills Coaching to children and teens who want to push themselves to reach their full potential as a student and as a person.


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Jeremy M



I have loved sports since I could walk. My dad used to get mad at me for shooting paper towels into trashcans in public restrooms, but I was always looking to play and compete. My love for sports turned into a love for math as I learned to read by pouring over box scores in the paper every morning. My parents used to buy me sports almanacs for birthday gifts, and I would read them for hours, just analyzing statistics and trends. I loved to play sports, but it was the analytics and strategy that appealed to me most.

In college, I earned a Bachelor's in Mathematics from the University of Oregon. After many years of coaching basketball at the middle and high school level, I decided that my calling was to share my love of math with young people. I later received my Master's in Teaching from Willamette University. I went on to teach at a public charter school in Central Oregon, where the focus was meeting the needs of every individual student academically, physically, and emotionally. We did everything within our power to make sure students’ needs were met so they could perform at their peak. This included being available to students for one-on-one tutoring during our prep periods, lunch, and before and after school. After being at this school for five years, my wife and I decided to make the move to Arizona for a change of scenery. I currently work at a private school in the area that focuses on college prep and developing executive function skills for students with learning challenges. 

I have been working with young people through tutoring, coaching, and teaching since I graduated high school. I have met and connected with just about every kind of person through my unique experiences as a teacher and coach. I am a big fan of sports, movies, TV, music, and many other forms of popular culture. My interests, paired with my calm and welcoming demeanor, allow me to quickly connect with students. Teaching a subject like math that many despise, I find it helpful to incorporate students’ interests and make the content meaningful.

My wife and I have been married for almost a decade and we have a young daughter and two dogs. We share a love for many of the things I mentioned above, as well as home renovation. I struggle paying someone to do work that I can do myself, so over the past few years I have become very handy (with a lot of help from YouTube) and have developed a fondness for woodworking. 

At Peak Academics I offer tutoring for all levels of mathematics, formal test preparation, and executive functioning skills.Testimonial:

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