Tutor Spotlight: David D

Name: David D

Educational Areas of Focus: Mathematics, Economics, & Physics

Educational Background: I earned my Master's degree in Mathematics from University of Hawaii in 2016; My bachelor's degree is from at Whitman College in 2012 where I majored in Mathematics and Economics.

What is your teaching philosophy? I believe that the most effective learning occurs at the intersection of challenge, ability, and curiosity; I therefore view my role as a teacher as one who motivates the material with both application and abstraction, presenting problems which are just beyond (but within reach of) the student's current understanding. It's not exactly formulaic; each student requires a slightly different teaching ingredient and individual tutoring is such a great opportunity to provide active engagement with students in their own problem solving process.


When you're not working with kids, what do you like to do? I'm currently most of the way through my commercial pilot license training. When I'm not teaching or flying you can find me hiking, mountain biking or camping in the desert.

Who was your favorite teacher and why? My undergraduate advisor, Dr. Albert Schueller, in the math department at Whitman College was such an inspiration during my college years. His teaching style was personal and humble; his philosophy to "teach students how to learn" was instrumental to my transition into graduate level studies and independent research.

What do you enjoy about tutoring? Tutoring is a unique opportunity to really get in tune with a student's learning process and understand the limits of their understanding; from there it's much easier to present material in a way that helps overcome individual hurdles and gaps.