Tutor Spotlight: Christie A

Name: Christie A

Educational Areas of Focus: I have taught and tutored a wide variety of subject matters; everything from phonetic awareness, Spanish and economics to numerical operations, biology and British literature. My great strength as an educator is making complex information comprehensible and teaching young people how to be a successful student, regardless of what the content is. 

Educational Background: I am a native of the valley and went to Madison public schools in Phoenix before attending Xavier College Preparatory for high school. I completed my undergraduate work in Education at St. John's University in New York City and my Master's work in Educational Administration at Arizona State (go devils!) I was a sixth grade classroom teacher for six years in Scottsdale Unified before working as an administrator in Scottsdale for four years. Since becoming a mother, I have put my focus on my own family at home during the day while staying connected to teaching and learning through tutoring students in the evenings. 

What is your teaching philosophy? I believe that every child and every person can learn. I believe that tenacity, grit and determination can transcend any person's perceived limitations or educational deficits. I also believe that the purpose of education is to create effective, self-reliant citizens equipped with problem-solving skills and a moral compass to impact our communities for the better. 

When you're not working with kids, what do you like to do? When I'm not working with students or taking care of my own family I love to do yoga. 

Who was your favorite teacher and why? All of my favorite teachers had the same qualities: they made me feel welcomed and valued and they helped me achieve at a level higher than I thought I was capable of. A few shout outs: Mr. Van from Madison #1, Mr. Conway from Xavier and Dr. Donna Lewis, adjunct professor at ASU. Thanks guys! 

What do you enjoy about tutoring? I love how personal teaching is at the one on one level, I really get to know my students. I also love to see students grow and transform into confident learners.